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Effective Online Sobriety Programs

Sober Online Solutions - Real Online Recovery Is Now Possible

SOS Is A Highly Effective Solution

Completely Online

All You Need Is The Internet

Available Anytime

Available 24 Hours A Day

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Comprehensive Activity Tracking

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Designed For Anyone & Everyone

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Voluntary Or Mandated Programs

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Very Affordable
Sober Online Solutions - Real Online Recovery Is Now Possible

About Sober Online Solutions

Sober Online Solutions Is The Cloud-Based Solution

Sober Online Solutions delivers an incredibly powerful internet accessible, convenient, private, personalized, and multi-dimensional treatment program exactly tuned to the individual.

It utilizes proven approaches to addiction treatment from successful clinical, residential, spiritual, holistic, legal, and family programs.

Its innovative online addiction treatment and recovery sessions have been developed by professional substance abuse experts, psychologists, life coaches and mentors.

Former addicts credit our approaches as proven, sustainable recovery methods responsible for their success.


Effective Secure & Confidential Solution

Sober Online Solutions is the online addiction recovery program that utilizes cutting-edge technology and an innovative delivery system to bring each person the help they need; when, and where, they need it.

Each person gains full access to all resources with internet access and a personal computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Each member has 24-hour access to the program, whenever they need it.

Our Team developed our effective programs with top experts from substance abuse, mental health, criminal justice, religious, and technological fields to provide an easily accessed, private, and comprehensive treatment program.


This is the first step of a new life

Whether by yourself, on advice from a family member; whether a requirement from court, or an employer or university – Sober Online Solutions is effective support in one place 24/7!

Don’t delay any longer. If nothing changes – nothing will ever change.

Empower yourself, or your people now.

The Sober Online Solutions enrollment process is quick, simple and completely confidential. Enroll Now!


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Welcome to the new solution in rehab. A total online solution to help individuals become and stay sober. Whether a requirement from court, an employer or university – this is the right tool for everyone!

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Sober Online Solutions Testimonials

After being in many treatment centers on a volunteer bases or forced into them with little to no success I had literally lost hope that recovery was possible for me.. I just thought I was never going to get clean.. Until I tried one last time to get my life together I went to a program that I did not finish but was the first ever court ordered drug court participant of Broward county to be sentenced to sober online solution I was desperate for change the program gave me the ability to work and meet all my court requirements.. I believe the program saved me because it finally all made sense to me the way the author breaks down addiction scientifically and spiritually lead me to finally get free!!

Today I understand what happens in the addicted brain and I put to use tools that I knew of in the past but this program showed me how to apply them.. I could identify with the teachings and did not feel judgment through them.. The people from the program have sat where I sat and gave me hope!!

Before I signed up I was homeless away from my kids and about to die from that hopeless condition today I have a new relationship with my kids I’m a good son brother and an employee I’m very grateful for sober online solutions it really changed and keeps changing my life!!

Michael S

Thank You for your program. I have been in and out of recovery for 20 years. I went into a 9 month rehab program and Sober Online Solutions (then Advanced Sober Solutions) was offered to me as a graduate.

Like other times I did well the first month or so after leaving the program. And, like other times life started happening and I seemed to be falling into some habits subconsciously that I had before.
I began the program in the 5th week of my sobriety – and I have to say – without this tool I very may well be back to using again.

I went through every lesson in every program, and took advantage of the meditation at nights to help me sleep. I found some interesting articles in the addiction library they have – and I believe that I may have learned more from your program than in all my 9 month rehab programs’ classes.
My wife, 1 year old son, and I thank you for helping me keep on track – I WILL recommend this to everyone I know who needs help.

Alex B

Hello all. I began this program when it was HomeHealing 40/40. The founder Jim Rouches was the Director at a rehab I attended.

I loved the program… so much so that I sat down with him to expand it and make it better. A few months later Advanced Sober Solutions became the DBA for HomeHealing and Evidence, Principle, and Faith based programs were added. Court officers, employers, lawyers, and pastors all showed interest in the product and it continued to grow.

These are the principles I live in my life today – sober – having JOY! (not just fun). I take captive poor idle thoughts and urges. I surround myself with like minded people. I now know what to expect out of life – and for the first time in a long time I am ok with it.

I now work for Sober Online Solutions as Sr. Design Engineer as the program continues to grow. It is my commitment to the 12th step.

Take it from me, living more than 20 years in the desert – hopeless. There is hope. There is Joy. There is Freedom.

James B

I have been using this program for several years now. It has been very strategic in my recovery. I have been thru all the different program courses several times. Just like a really good movie I see and learn something new each time. I now have favorite sections that I can go to for specific needs.

This program has been a vital part of my daily recovery; Which has played a huge role in the ten years of my sobriety! I love that through out the years the program curriculum has been continually updated. With my very busy schedule the 24/7 availability to access SOS allows me to have the partnership that I still need! Truthfully don’t know where I would be without it and I am very thankful for it!

Duane P